Ultrasonic cleaning of thermocouples
Thermocouples are made up of plasticised wires along with other components. At the end of the couple, these wires are stripped and soldered together. On certain versions, the wires are soldered to a copper cylinder covered with tin. The materials that must be cleaned are therefore plastic, solder, copper, tin and constantan (Cu/Ni alloy).

Ideal cleaning process
The objective of the first step of cleaning is to remove dust, surrounding dirt and organic matter such as fingerprints. After being cleaned, thermocouples are placed in a silicon oil bath for the purpose of calibration. The second step of cleaning involves the removal of this silicon oil. Both cleaning steps should take place in the same fluid. This is why an emulsifying action is ideal to ensure that the silicon oils freed by soaking can be removed.

The ideal solution for this cleaning process is Tickopur RW77 emulsifying cleaner dissolved in water at a ratio of 5% and at a temperature of 40-50 °C. After ultrasonic cleaning, the item must be thoroughly rinsed with water.

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