New PCBs (printed circuit boards)
Flux can be removed using Tickopur TR14 dissolved in tap water at 60 degrees. For general fouling, you can use Tickopur TR7 dissolved in tap water at an approx. 3% mix ratio. Tickopur TR7 contains an anti-corrosion agent, which often leaves undesirable residue behind. We, therefore, recommend that you rinse your item thoroughly.

Overhaul of printed circuit boards
Tickopur RW77 can be used to remove corrosion, grease, general residue, etc. Use an approx. 5% mix ratio at 70 degrees.

It is important to make sure that all components are water- and vibration-resistant. Components must not retain any water (e.g. when rinsed). Rinse thoroughly (repeatedly, with deionised water, if necessary) and dry forcefully (e.g. using compressed air or an oven).

Ultrasonic cleaner
A GeneralSonic cleaner is perfect for cleaning PCBs. This brand has the best quality / price ratio. Which GeneralSonic cleaner is right for you depends on the size of the object to be cleaned and the amount of objects that you want to clean.

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