Tickopur R33 is used within the diving industry. Tickopur R33 can be applied when dissolved in tap water at a 3% mix ratio at approx. 50 degrees. Tickopur R33 removes algae residue, grease, etc.
Stammopur GR or Tickopur R27, dissolved in water at a 5% mix ratio at 50 to 60 degrees, can be used for mineral residue (lime, etc.). Stammopur GR or Tickopur R27 are not suitable for cleaning aluminium, tin or zinc. We recommend that you apply indirect cleaning in order to protect the stainless steel tank.

After cleaning, rinse thoroughly to remove any ultrasonic fluid that may be present. It is best to use deionised water (if not ultrasound assisted). If deionised water is not an essential requirement, tap water or distilled water can be used in conjunction with ultrasound-assisted vibration.

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