The ultrasonic cleaning of objects has various advantages when compared to ‘manual cleaning’. The most significant advantages are:

  • Fluid penetrates every nook and cranny
    The jets in the ultrasonic fluid are so strong that areas, which would be impossible to manually reach, can be accessed. Because ultrasonic cleaning works with fluid, the tiniest gaps in any item to be cleaned will be penetrated. Thanks to the strength of the implosions, the cleaning process is extremely thorough and precise.
  • Not damaging
    When correctly applied, ultrasonic cleaning also guarantees that your product will not be damaged. After all, cleaning is done by means of mere fluid. This is in contrast to manual cleaning, during which solid materials are always used - a process that carries the risk of scratches or other minor damage.
  • Fast
    Another advantage of ultrasonic cleaning is the speed at which detailed items with many corners and edges can be cleaned. The manual cleaning of every corner and edge requires much time. Because the shape of an item has no effect on the results of ultrasonic cleaning, a substantial amount of time will be saved.
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