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Choosing an Cleaner

There are a number of ultrasonic baths to choose from. Each has its own specifications and benefits.

What should you take note of when purchasing an Cleaning Unit?

The size of the Ultrasonic Cleaner UK
The ultrasonic cleaner that will best suit your purposes is firstly determined by the size of the items you would like to clean. Choose an ultrasonic cleaner that is large enough. You must also take into account the space taken up by the basket, as well as the fact that the ultrasonic cleaner must be filled with ultrasonic fluid dissolved in water to 2/3 of its capacity.

Ultrasonic capacity and ultrasonic frequency
The cleaning strength of an ultrasonic cleaner is, among other things, determined by the ultrasonic capacity and the ultrasonic frequency. The higher the capacity and the lower the frequency, the more cleaning strength will be available. An ultrasonic bath with a low capacity and a high frequency has less cleaning strength, but also eventually yields effective cleaning results. It will just take more time.

The cleaner’s heating capacity
An ultrasonic cleaner with a low heating capacity needs more time to heat the solution than a cleaner with a high heating capacity. If the heating time of the cleaner is important to you, then choose a cleaner with a high heating capacity. Ideal heating temperatures for ultrasonic cleaning almost never exceed 60 degrees. This means that a cleaner with a heating capacity of 60 degrees is perfectly suitable.

Digital or analogue
An analogue ultrasonic cleaner is less precise than a digital cleaner. However, analogue ultrasonic devices are prone to fewer faults.

We recommend:
For constant or daily intense use, we recommend a Sonorex or Elmasonic cleaning bath. These cleaners have a constant activation setting and are better suited to intense use. By intense use we mean more than 3 hours per day on a daily basis. This period of 3 hours only serves as a guideline. The lifespan of your Ultrasonic Bath also depends on the cleaning fluid that you use and on how the machine is maintained. Genetalsonic, Qteck and Eumax Ultrasonic Baths will suit your purposes if you do not intend to use your machine constantly, or for more than 3 hours per day.

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