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Cleaning solutions & agents

Welcome to Ultra Center Europe, the largest online retailer of professional cleaners and agents. At Ultra Center Europe, you can choose from a wide range of top-quality brand names that include:

Sonorex GeneralSonic Qteck Eumax

We supply Tickopur fluid to suit any cleaning application; and a range of accessories are also available from our web-shop. Further information...


Professional cleaners 
Ultra Center Europe has been supplying ultrasonic baths using the internet since 2008, and has since become the largest online supplier of these products. Thanks to our competitive prices combined with prompt delivery and excellent service, we have built up a large group of satisfied customers. Ultra Center Europe exclusively supplies its Tickopur fluids to professional users.

Ultrasonic cleaning is intended for the cleaning of items made of various metals. However, (laboratory) glass, ceramics, rubbers and plastics can also be cleaned using this technique. It has many benefits when compared to manual cleaning. It yields much better results when it comes to items with many corners and edges. Ultrasonic Baths are extremely well suited to the cleaning of tools, diving equipment, glasses, printed circuit boards, carburettors, jewellery, injectors, bullet cartridges, etc.

The advantages
Advantages when compared to manual cleaning:

  • The items that are cleaned do not suffer any damage.
  • Much quicker and, therefore, cost-effective.
  • Hard-to-reach areas are also thoroughly cleaned. Even areas that cannot be reached by hand are effortlessly cleaned.
ultrasonic cleaner brands logos
Ultrasonic cleaners with brand names Sonorex, GeneralSonic, Qteck and Eumax are all available from Ultra Center Europe. To make your choice easier, we have placed all our cleaners on a single page along with their most important specifications. In this way, you can simply choose the cleaner that best suits your purposes.

Tickopur or Stammopur cleaning agents
The use of the right détergent, to a large extent, determines the quality of the process; and the type of cleaning agents also affects the cleaning time. Ultra Center Europe offers you a wide selection of Tickopur and Stammopur agents.

How does it work?
The frequency produces a negative pressure in the liquid, causing hydrogen bubbles. This phenomenon is called cavitation. If the cavitation bubble enters a compression of a sound wave, it will start vibrating under the influence of the positive force, and then grow to an unstable size - the bubble will then implode, resulting in cavitation. This implosion causes micro-currents in the cleaning liquid. The implosion of many cavitation bubbles will eventually cause the effect known as "ultrasonic".

The advantages of cleaning are especially its speed and accuracy - this speed produces a cost saving. This methode is more accurate because the material will be cleaned (brushed) by the bubbles in the  liquid, even in places which are impossible or difficult to clean manually.

Do you have any further questions? Are you looking for a specific product? Please contact us.

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